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ProHashing developer Steve Sokolowski: "I've been warning for years that bitcoin's future was in jeopardy due to the 1MB transaction limit ... Bitcoin is a broken, unusable, unaffordable network, and people are leaving it in droves."

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Steve Sokolowski: "So as people blindly celebrate the new Bitcoin all time high, I'll be continuing to program our systems to work around BTC's useless network using Ethereum."

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Steve Sokolowski: It was the time that we ceased using bitcoins as our reserve currency. Are Altcoins More Than PnD's?

The opportunity came when Coinbase added litecoins. Because of the API compatibility, with a few minor changes, we now use litecoins for all of our profit.
In fact, the only time we deal in bitcoins now is to pay out customers or to pay people who only want bitcoins. Last week, I needed to pay miningrigrentals, a cloud mining service, to obtain test hashpower to try to break our system. They only accepted bitcoins, so I paid them $3 with a fee of $1.20. Then, I wasted time with video games for 2 hours while I waited for them to confirm before I could actually use the hashpower for testing.
Crypto-maximalism: Useful for long-term gains?
I am trying to broaden my horizon and look past ETH. At this point I am most certainly noticing how everyone that's been in ETH since the beginning is turning into a maximalist (this includes me). We are trying to justify why only ETH can be useful in real-world cases and most alts are only PnDs.
Maximalism certainly makes sense from an investment perspective for longterm returns - you invest in something because you believe in it and because you know so much about it it is much easier to evaluate the prospects and estimate what kind of return to expect. With alts it is difficult to make estimates. I certainly do not want to be in Bitcoin or alts because I have no idea about them and can not make accurate longterm estimates. Bitcoin may be around but if it loses its status as a reserve currency it could just as well drop to the bottom of the ladder.
However, it doesn't hurt to simply look at alts more objectively and acknowledge that there are things you don't know about these coins. Could Litecoin become a new an improved Bitcoin? Seems outlandish at first glance but the key is to remember that this is a young industry that can change within weeks. Note: This is not advice to invest in Litecoin. I still highly doubt Litecoin can outperform the broader market.
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Steve Sokolowski: "So as people blindly celebrate the new Bitcoin all time high, I'll be continuing to program our systems to work around BTC's useless network using Ethereum."

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Will Ethereum pass Bitcoin by Aug 5th? Steve Sokolowski says Yes!

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Why payouts didn't execute today - by Steve Sokolowski /

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Bitcoin Discussion • What do you guys think of Steve Sokolowski's analysis?

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ProHashing developer Steve Sokolowski: "I've been warning for years that bitcoin's future was in jeopardy due to the 1MB transaction limit ... Bitcoin is a broken, unusable, unaffordable network, and people are leaving it in droves."

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Bitcoin Discussion • Why payouts didn't execute today - by Steve Sokolowski

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Quintin3265's Status

The following is a message written by quintin3265 that he requested I post for him so that all readers of /bitcointhoughs can understand his current and future staus.
After several days, I was able to determine the reason why my account was shadowbanned. It turns out that there was no hacking involved. The "you must reset your LinkedIn password" E-mails were actually legitimate. Their customer service said that they had noticed that my E-Mail address and password matched those included in a list that was being sold to Russian hackers. Since I don't use social networking often, I hadn't paid much attention to my passwords on those sites and they hadn't been changed in years.
The downing of the other sites was caused by a bug in the serendipity weblog software, which allowed spammers to post so much spam that the size of the blocklist exceeded Apache's capabilities and crashed them. I fixed those sites.
Ocrasorm replied to my message inquiring about the ban with the following text:
Your account was banned for asking people to downvote /buttcoin. Brigading is a form of vote manipulation and that is effectively what you were asking people to do.
I reviewed the post history and I'm assuming that the post in question was the following: In that discussion, the totes_meta_bot posted several links to threads at /buttcoin. That bot had been posting links to other subreddits in /bitcoin for a while. I suggested that people downvote the bot's posts on the grounds that it was spamming /bitcoin with links, so that the bot's posts would disappear as "comment score below threshold." In a later reply, I pointed out that this totes_meta_bot basically allows anyone to create a reply with a link to the subreddit they want to spam, so that the bot creates backlinks in the target thread. If /buttcoin wants to post in their own forum, that's fine, but there is no reason that this bot should be flooding other places with links to every thread someone references (there were several links in that one thread alone).
This is the comment that I linked to above, since I'm guessing it was deleted:
I replied to the initial comment. Then I found it funny that they linked to the comment that I posted criticizing them. The issue with /buttcoin isn't that they hate bitcoins, it's the manner in which they present their criticism. For example, they have pictures of Karpeles in their sidebar. There are a lot of people who lost money it took 10 or 20 years to save for there. The picture is placed there to purposely remind people of what he did, and there's no honor in that.
If the people in /buttcoin were honorable people, they would discuss their criticisms of the technology in a professional manner without making fun of people here.
My initial comment was largely aimed at that totes_meta_bot, which is posting links here that are not helpful. It's a software algorithm that is spamming this forum with useless links, and it should be banned. The autowikibot and changetip provide valuable services, but this bot allows anyone to link to a popular thread and then spam whatever they want in that thread. And people here upvoted the bot, too, which makes it more likely to be used for future spam.
Another comment I posted suggesting people downvote the totes_meta_bot is listed here:
Please downvote anything from /buttcoin that is linked from this bot in this forum. This bot is very useful in most cases, but /buttcoin does not show respect to people here and their threads should not be advertised here.
Whether you agree or disagree about the bot's usefulness, the main issue here is not whether I agree with the totes_meta_bot's creator. So long as nobody is using multiple accounts, people can make their own choices about what they upvote or downvote. Someone who believes the bot is providing a good service is not going to vote against what he believes. The whole point of upvoting and downvoting is to bring the best content to the top. It is NOT wrong to draw attention to, and to foster discussion about, spam and poor content like the totes_meta_bot is posting.
The major problem here is the unprofessional manner in which the issue was handled. This account was disabled without issuing a single warning or even a simple explanation of what was wrong. I tried to get in contact with someone for almost three days, after multiple messages, until someone finally replied.
Finally, as you can see that for three days I didn't know that I had broken a rule, I could have been wasting my time for months wondering why nobody was replying to my comments, had they not been as popular as they were. I performed an Internet search after this happened and discovered that such a situation has happened in the past: people have posted to reddit for months thinking that they weren't popular.
I commented a lot about respect in my writings, and about how respecting people and assuming good faith encourages great content. When I managed large environments with many participants in Activeworlds years ago, we followed a simple principle: the only punishment was "ejection" - or removal from the environment. Modifying people's chat messages or publicly "muting" them was prohibited, because doing so is unethical, as it misrepresents who people are. In the real world, you can't delete what was said in the past or change words that come out of people's mouths while they are talking. Ejections lasted just five minutes for the first offense and were accompanied by a warning. Even in the most heinous offenses, people were never ejected for an indefinite duration, and they were always sent an E-Mail explaining the duration of the ban and why it was issued. Consider the following: since administrators provide no warnings, anyone could wake up one day to find that people like Ocrasorm have deleted his or her account with no explanation.
Most of all, I feel sad for the people who spent their hard earned money on reddit gold, as a gift to me, and how that money was essentially wasted. Wasting my own money is fine, as I don't need money. Most people work a lot harder than me, and they were taken advantage of by reddit.
Kibubik will, unfortunately, have to decide what to do with this subreddit. If he and others still wish to continue with their contributions, then they decide what to do. I will archive the posts here to disk so that they can be republished elsewhere in the future should I have the time to do so.
Thanks to people who followed what I posted here, and I'm disappointed that I won't be able to continue sharing my thoughts. Best of luck to all!
-Steve Sokolowski [email protected]
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Perfect storm for Litecoin on Coinbase

As the cup fills, transactions spillover into the next. Given a lack of on chain scaling for bitcoin until possibly 4/2017 transaction prices could go through the roof and into the next day. What's the cost of a litecoin transaction these days?
Has Brian Armstrong ever talked to Steve Sokolowski?
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Scrypt Pools Disappearing, Prohashing Rises

As many of you with scrypt mining rigs know, it's becoming harder and harder to find a great, profitable pool to mine - enter The two admins, Steve and Chris Sokolowski have managed, despite all the odds against them, to put together a professional pool that mines up to 140 different scrypt coins and pays out in any and every coin they mine (get paid in USD and/or Bitcoin too!). With the recent resurgence of LTC and AltCoin prices, even older rigs are again profitable - even more-so with the trading algorithms that prohashing employs. There are the pre-eminent scypt mining pool now and deserve your hashes. The shoot straight with a PPS reward structure (@5% currently) and the employ transparency in your mining by recording blocks mined specifically by your rigs.
Concerned about difficulty and have a low hashrate? Not running your rigs because you are worried they aren't profitable anymore? Not an issue, since prohashing mine hundreds of coins outside Litecoin, with low diffs, so even low hashrate rigs are capable of mining blocks and contributing to the pool rewards. When your rigs connect, the pool runs a series of tests to determine the diff and hashrate capabilities of the rigs, and points them at coins where they will have the best effect. If you have Titans, they will also use the massive hashrate available to maximize profits and at the same time limit work restarts for your big rigs to ensure a good, steady hashrate. Fire up those rigs sitting in a closet and judge for yourself.
So, if you have been looking for a professional, transparent pool, that has stats available up the ying-yang, and can and will pay you out in any crypto available they have a wallet for, look no further. They have even added coinbase integration enabling USD payment if you so choose.
Get hashing folks!
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Bitcoin Code is a Nasty Scam! Beware. Honest Review! [New ... Day in the Life of a Pool Mine Operator (or How to Be a Boss Like Steve) - YouTube

Bitcoin-Betrug auf Telegram und Reddit: So wird Kryptowährung erbeutet Suche öffnen Steve Sokolowski war im kryptowährungen selber schürfen Herbst auf Reddit selbst von Betrügern bmf and forex scandal malaysia angeschrieben worden: Sie beste forex signal Anbieter app legten ihm nahe Finanz treasury und forex management gelöst Frage Papiere. Geld meilleures crypto monnaies 2018 verdienen ... ProHashing developer Steve Sokolowski: "I've been warning for years that bitcoin's future was in jeopardy due to the 1MB transaction limit ... Bitcoin is a broken, unusable, unaffordable network, and people are leaving it in droves." Por su parte, Steve Sokolowski, representante del grupo de minería scrypt, ... En la nota, se lee: La red bitcoin ha sobrepasado su capacidad y, como resultado, las transacciones que enviamos esta mañana para pagar a los usuarios todavía no son confirmadas tras 16 horas. Debido a la manera en que la red trabaja, no podemos retirar la transacción, lo que significa que la única alternativa ... Litecoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Litecoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Litecoin Core is the name ... Steve Sokolowski von der Kryptofirma Prohashing kritisierte Ende Oktober auf Reddit, der Coinbase-Support sei so schlecht, dass Kriminelle schneller Kontakt aufnehmen könnten: "Ich glaube, wenn ...

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Bitcoin Code is a Nasty Scam! Beware. Honest Review! [New ...

In unserem Kanal stellen wir euch Planungshilfen, Konfiguratoren und Visualisierungstools vor, die euch beim Einrichten und Planen eurer Wohnung helfen und i... Bienvenue sur la chaîne YouTube de Boursorama ! Le portail compte plus de 30 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 290 millions de pages v... 👉 Bitcoin Code Full Scam Review: 👉 Join our Newsletter: *****... Jollyroom är Nordens största barn- och babybutik på nätet! Vi erbjuder marknadens största lagerförda sortiment för gravida och barn mellan 0-8 år. Välkommen in! Skypark has gotta be one of the oddest bike parks I've been to. But that doesn't mean it's not any fun. In fact, it's pretty damn awesome! How'd Yuka get alo...