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Sell or Hodl? Crypto Traders Seek Direction in Fluctuating Market

Sell or Hodl? Crypto Traders Seek Direction in Fluctuating Market
With uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market and a sudden #drop in Bitcoin’s value overnight, investors are again posed with the sell or hold dilemma, but many experts maintain that increased demand for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (#ETF) augers well for the flagship digital currency in the long term.
Long-term forecasters say that #Bitcoin has a strong likelihood of becoming a reliable store of value and a viable payment mechanism. Experts point to rising futures volumes and increased institutional participation in #trading as positive outcomes going forward.
Historically, #negative #news hits the market with a crash, such as the #SEC’s rejection of nine cryptocurrency ETFs in August, despite the #US#regulator stressing it “emphasizes that its disapproval does not rest on an evaluation of whether Bitcoin, or #blockchain technology more generally, has utility or value as an innovation or an investment”.
Signs are that despite this latest drop in #market prices, the #cryptocurrencyecosystem is healthy with daily trading almost doubling its total just days ago. Crypto advisory firm Autonomy’s co-founder Ricky Lee suggests, “For our trading activities, the [upcoming Bitcoin Cash] hard fork recently has generated tremendous interest and trading volume, above 4 billion #daily, among #traders.”
With Bitcoin’s value shedding almost USD 1,000 in just a few hours late yesterday, Willy Woo, the founder of data analytics site Woobull suggests that overnight recovery is highly unlikely and the current market trend may continue well into 2019. CNN Bitcoin analysts suggest that USD 5,633 is looking to be the current interim resistance level, but a break below that support would have the effect of scaring off investors. Conversely, a break above this level would suggest a long position at USD 5,712.
Looking for factors as to why the drop #happened, whether it be Bitcoin futures or the Bitcoin Cash fork, there are suggestions that the effect of the sell-offs in tech stocks led by Apple on Wednesday are making their mark on cryptocurrency #prices, although most point to the current uncertainty around so-called #altcoins #Bitcoincash and #Ethereum, both poised for fundamental and controversial changes in development and infrastructure.
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✅#Blockchain #Crowdfunding Platform Coinchase Launches No-fee Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) Trading

🔸The world’s leading blockchain crowdfunding platform #Coinchase has launched a new #trading solution for its customers. It has now enabled no-fee consumer-to-consumer trading, making it the only crowdfunding platform to offer this feature.
The new solution will help in improving the #liquidity of tokens available on the platform. Moreover, it would allow users to trade in tokens that have not yet been listed on the exchange.

🔸Bitcoin Cash (#BCH) Plummets 18 Percent Overnight: What Triggered the Massive Drop?
In the last 24 hours, the #cryptocurrency market suffered one of its worst single-day sell-offs in all of 2018, as #Bitcoin (BTC) plunged 11 percent.

🔸#SEC Announces Enforcement Actions Against ICOs As Crypto Markets Tumble
This week, the SEC in the US announced over a dozen enforcement actions against #ICOs and digital assets, as the cryptocurrency prices fall to lowest numbers this year.

🔸Singapore’s #KuCoin Hits Funding Target Despite Bearish Markets
Singapore based KuCoin crypto exchange has raised $20 million in its first round of financing. The news comes as #cryptocurrencies continue to get battered in a year that has seen the market crash by over 70%.

🔸Hedge Fund Manager Brian Kelly Explains November 14th’s ‘Crypto Market Meltdown’
On Wednesday (14 November 2018), Brian Kelly, the founder and CEO of digital asset investment firm #BKCM LLC, explained yesterday's "Crypto Market Meltdown", which led to double-digit percentage losses for most of the major #cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, which sank to $5,569, its lowest price in over a year.

🔸Sell or #Hodl? Crypto Traders Seek Direction in #Fluctuating Market
With uncertainty in the #cryptocurrency market and a sudden drop in Bitcoin’s value overnight, investors are again posed with the sell or hold dilemma, but many experts maintain that increased demand for a #Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) augers well for the flagship digital currency in the long term.

🔸Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin and Crypto Sell-Off Won’t Last
From new analysis on the Bitcoin and crypto market sell-off to a decision to choose #Stellar over #Ethereum, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of #crypto.
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Coin swapping - taxable event?

EDIT: The answer to this turns out to be that in the US anyway, yes it's a taxable event, though the exact wording seems to have a lot of potential wiggle room in it. I'm making another post to highlight what I have learned.
I feel like I should know the answer to this but I'm not certain. Thought I'd pose it to the community here.
Obviously exchanging crypto for any fiat is a taxable event (in the US anyway). But what about exchanging for another coin? Like someone trades 1 ETH (or BTC or anything else for that matter) for Bitcoin or Ripple or Auger or Monero or whatever. Is that considered a taxable event?? Doesn't feel like it should to me but I'm far from a tax expert, especially around crypto where there practically aren't any anyway.
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Augur questions

I'm participating in the Auger pre-sale, with the intent of actively trading my REP, at least initially. I'm new to alts almost entirely and have some questions:
A. When signing up for the pre-sale I was assigned an Ethereum wallet, to which my future, freshly minted REP will be deposited? Can an Ethereum wallet hold both Ether and REP simultaneously, or am I missing something? (I've bought in exclusively with btc, so I have no direct experience with Ether, other than following its recent price meanderings.)
B. I would like to be able to trade my REP basically from the earliest moment possible. Instead of using the pre-sale assigned Ethereum wallet, should I use a wallet that feeds directly to my alt-exchange account, where they can be readily traded, or just continue to use the pre-sale assigned Ethereum wallet?
C. Have I gotten too far ahead of developments? When do we expect REP to be launched?
Thanks in advance!
*The pre-sale verbage I'm referring to follows:
"REP purchased with Bitcoin or Altcoins will be associated with the Ethereum address set here. [custom ethereum address is provided here]
You may change your payout address at any time up until the official launch of Augur. We will notify you prior to this and confirm this address.
If you bought in with Ether, you do not need to set a separate payout address. Your payout will be sent automatically to the address(es) you bought in with. If you bought in with Ether and want your REP sent to an address different than the one you sent your Ether from, please contact us!
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Milton Friedman predicted Bitcoin, Crypto - YouTube Turn $100 worth of Bitcoin into $650k with Bitconnect ... It intensifies - Bitcoin - YouTube Binance. How to buy RIPPLE, VERGE, POWER LEDGER on Binance exchange WARNING: The Truth About Bitcoin - YouTube

Get Augur (REP) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. Get Augur (REP) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. 🔥 Out Now 🔥 We've just published the CoinGecko Q3 2020 Crypto Report! Yield farming, the NFT trend and so much more 🔎 EN . Language . English Deutsch Español Français Italiano język polski Limba română Magyar nyelv Nederlands ... Launched in 2018, Augur is a peer-to-peer protocol for prediction markets, in which users receive payouts when they predict a winning outcome. Additionally, Augur acts as a decentralized oracle ... A transparent exchange with no limit on what you can bet on, no max limits on the amount you can bet and no rollover requirements. The best odds & the lowest fees. Users keep more of their winnings than any other exchange through low fees and the best odds. Augur doesn’t take a cut. "Augur is a substitute for betting platforms that charge high fees, ban winners, delay withdrawals, freeze ... On the platform Bitcoin and Eth are accepted to participate in prediction contest. Augur initial known as hard fork version of Ethereum. As first it was occurred in March 2015 and then it got listed on coin market cap in 2015. The price of augur while launched was $1.53 USD. during 2017-18, where all crypto on the moon, REP coin reaches to its all-time high price by reaching $99.80 USD, in ... Augur is proving itself to be the next best cryptocurrency only after Bitcoin. 1-Year Forecast: 3-Year Forecast: 5-Year Forecast: $70.842: $155.283: $213.478 *This Augur (REP) price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing. Buy, Sell, Trade REP At Best Rates ...

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Milton Friedman predicted Bitcoin, Crypto - YouTube

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