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All Intersted WhatsApp : +4915211521232 #fixedmatches #bettingtips #soccer #tipster #bet365 #unibet #inplay #inplayfooty #inplaychallenge #ParionsSport #betting #NBA #football #bitcoin #FTWD #football #gamble #Tipster #MAXBET #fixedmatch #tipwin #usa #INPLAY submitted by Fixedmatche to u/Fixedmatche [link] [comments]

Depositing with bitcoin to bet365

Depositing with bitcoin to bet365 submitted by paracunt to bitcoingamblingsites [link] [comments]

Site to use to bet

Hi, I am new to betting on sports, was wondering what site do most people use. Also anyone have any good guides to betting?
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R/sportsbook survey

Good evening my fellow degenerates.
Two years ago there was a sportsbook survey that I stumbled upon. You can find the results Here . I think these results gave a decent idea of the users here, and I figured it'd be good to get an update on that.
If you would like to fill out the survey, the link is Here
Last time there were 500 respondents, so if we can get to that number, that'd be sick. This is my first survey I've ever created, so if there's any issues, feel free to let me know.
Also, please do upvote this for my karma so this stays relevant for sportsbook . I will share the results at the end of this week, just in time for Sunday football :)
So I've made a few edits. In order to see the nice data sets, you can't have it as short answer. Otherwise, it's a wall of text to sift through. I can make it a piechart into google forms, but even then, due to the uniqueness of answers, it's a wide array of colors. I still have all the individual answers shown, but it's about 30 differnet colors in one chart.
Instead, I've made it another multiple choice, with the top answers being the first four choices & then the option of other. So, without further ado, here are your finalists.
For the sports team / player that gives most grief this gives us : Rockets (by a wide margin lol), Cowboys, Clippers, & 76ers. (Flyers, Arsenal, Titans, Colts, Falcons, Islanders all have 3)
For the Capper question : We have Bob, Chasingpayments, YBK, Sidekick, Myself, and None.
For the Sportsbook question: Bovada, Draftkings, Fanduel, Personal bookie, bet365
I still have the array of colors, but hopefully this makes it look a little cleaner. Regardless, you can still see the individual answers if you hover over the graph.
As of right now, we are currently sitting at 1000 responses! This community has truly grown. Some of my favorite answers are : Meat popsicle for gender, Jarrett Culver not staying home for grief, and Jameis Winston & has bad eye sight.
Lastly, I will also give the spreadsheet that I exported it to so we can all view.
Thanks again for everyone's participation
One last edit : As per the 36 responses, here is the link to my bitcoin wallet Here
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08-09 08:24 - 'betting account' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/E-BETTING removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2-12min

Hello, I'm Samuel I m selling Skrill+Neteller full verified vip high limited.i m also selling Bet365 + betfair full+unibet full verified accounts with all documents!I have a package 6x accounts. (bet+365+Betfair+ unibet+ paddypower+ marathon+skrill) All accounts verified by Webcam! Currency: USD, EURO, GBP PLN ! No limit in any currency (unlimited)! All are verified by passport+national id card+driving licence! 100% safe and secure accounts! I have lots of accounts! I want to do long-term business relationship! 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻 Feel free to contact me!!!If you want I will refer my others buyers.. 😘😘 I can provide 50-80 accounts weekly.. ✌✌✌I'm selling European accounts also 🧕🧕🧕 Message me on discord Samuel Bladen#0965 or on reddit in DM
betting account
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
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TimeHasGone TENNIS TABLE Thread - 25/03/2020

Hi everyone.
Due to the coronavirus we are having very little quality content and that is something that I plan to change in the coming days.
I have never been professionally dedicated to sports betting, for me it is a hobby. However, I have problems: I have been fired from my job (because of the coronavirus) and I have no way to pay my bills or the university. So, I hope I can receive in return any tips from the forecasts that I leave.
So I am here today. I come to bring you table tennis picks. I have played table tennis for many years and I know many professional leagues as a hobby.
13:35 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Vadim Miroshnichenko @ 1.50 (BET365) (5 uds.) - POTD
13:35 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Vadim Miroshnichenko -1,5 @ 2.10 (BET365) (2 uds.)
15:00 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Anton Riabukhin @ 1.72 (BET365) (2 uds.)
15:50 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Sergii Voitovych -1,5 @ 1.83 (BET365) (3 uds.)
17:00 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Dmytro Dygalevych -1,5 @ 1.83 (BET365) (3 uds.)
18:10 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Illya Semeniuk -1,5 @ 1.83 (BET365) (4 uds.)
17:20 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Dmytro Alekseenko @ 1.72 (BET365) (3 uds.)
17:50 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Halyna Telna @ 1.57 (BET365) (5 uds.)
18:20 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Ivan Struk vs. Desnys Pesternikov over 74,5 points @ 1.83 (BET365) (2,5 uds.)
19:35 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) -Iryna Aseeva -1,5 (vs. Zaitseva) @ 1.90 (BET365) (3 uds.)
19:40 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Eduard Rubtsov vs. Maksym Laievskiy over 75,5 points @ 1.83 (BET365) (2,5 uds.)
20:30 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Sergii Voitovych vs. Illya Semeniuk under 75,5 @ 1.83 (BET365) (2 uds.)
20:50 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Anton Veliiev to win and under 75,5 @ 3.25 (BET365) (1 ud.)
23:05 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Artem Borysov @ 1.66 (BET365) (2 uds.)
01:35 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Oleksandr Yarovoi (vs. Artem Borysov) @ 1.50 (BET365) (4 uds.)
02:05 (Spanish hour - UTC+1) - Ihor Kuznetsov (vs. Maksym Zhuralov) @ 1.61 (BET365) (3 uds.)

Bitcoin Wallet: 1QHYwRAzSFTrTrVbypXL8dfUjCiNwK7Riz

PayPal: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

I really appreciate your help.
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Starcraft2 betting

Hello, I watch sc2 a lot and I want to bet some money so it's a bit more interesting. Where do you guys bet sc2 matches? And if it's possible i would like to pay with cryptocurrencies. Thanks in advance
submitted by UykaZaBonje to starcraft [link] [comments] SCAM! DO NOT USE!

Hello everyone, I literally created an account here just to write this message for everybody to take caution of this site called AstroPay (which I doubt anyone will actually use it except me, the dumbass). So basically I would like to deposit to Pinnacle, and the payment method available in my country is only AstroPay, ecoPayz and Bitcoin. I was pretty curious to check out AstroPay because I was thinking, well if a big book like Pinnacle accepts it, nothing can goes wrong right? And that is where I am wrong!

I registered at AstroPay and trying to make a deposit of 100$ in which I will deposit later to Pinnacle, and the only option available is through bitcoin at that moment, so I purchased some bitcoin at remitano and proceed to transfer the amount required to buy the so-called "AstroPay card", at first I wasn't worried because I know sometimes bitcoin transaction takes awhile so I waited... 1 hour.... 3 hours.... and now 24 hours have passed. I tried to lookup their customer service and surprisingly a "big" company like AstroPay doesn't even have a livechat or call! Only email! Very funny. So I've decided to email them trying to describe my problems and asking why is it taking so long.

Now here's the part where it pissed me off the most, as a payment option company they asked me to send a payment proof of my transaction, like wtf can't you just check it through your side? But is okay I will cooperate so I've sent all the details required, the blockchain link, the proof that I've sent the exact BTC to the address mentioned by AstroPay. After that, every reply I get from the customer service is just a COPY-PASTE message that they require a NEW PAYMENT PROOF! They don't even bother to TRY to fix your problem, they literally just don't give a shit to your transaction, moreover it's a bitcoin transaction so I am pretty sure I am getting scammed here without a doubt... Since there's no way I can chargeback or anything.

After this incident I've done some Google search and I realized there are alot of bad reviews regarding AstroPay already but I am too late to realize it, so please help me to make this post go viral and get enough attention to be a the Google search top result so whenever people search "Astropay scam" at google this will be at the top! Also, if AstroPay is reading this, and you would like to ACTUALLY HELP ME to resolve my case feel free to comment here too and I WILL REMOVE THIS THREAD, but until my 100$ is credited or refunded, this will stay forever.

For those big sportsbook like Pinnacle or bet365, PLEASE STOP ACCEPTING PAYMENT FROM ASTROPAY ALREADY, because it's a SHIT company and there might be people like me to use it for betting and end up getting scammed. And for those who is curious about AstroPay and you are already reading until here, please just change your mind and look for something else, because this AstroPay doesn't even let you WITHDRAW, so even if you're winning 10 grand at a betting site, your money will also forever stuck at AstroPay, there is no way out so it is very useless platform.

I've made the worst decision of my life, now don't make yours. Thank you for reading! Please if possible comment anything down below and make this post go viral until it gets the attention of AstroPay, then maybe I can get 100$ back (even thou the hope is low)
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General Discussion/Questions Biweekly 7/28 - 8/11

Before posting a basic question, please check out our FAQ If your answer is not there, post away and we'll help?
Day Link
Sunday General Discussion/Questions
Wednesday Combat Sports Weekly
Monthly Models and Statistics Monthly
Monthly Podcasts Monthly
Monthly Futures Monthly
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Be careful if you're a high deposit bettor on B365

Context: EU Citizen
So I'm sure we've all heard of people being restricted for WINNING a lot of money on Bet365, with restrictions ranging from only being allowed to place 0.01 stakes, to another form of restrictions, documentations on income.
But I'm sure that most of you haven't heard about how B365 treats its upper epsilon of customers, I happen to be one of them.
The moment I hit 18, 3 years ago, I couldn't wait to start gambling on B365, the hour upon my birthday after midnight, I signed up straight away, and started betting, before this, I've had a lot of experience gambling, but my gambling was mainly in bitcoins since I was underage.
Anyway, I was lucky enough to come from a fortunate family, and as such, I had access to a lot of money at a young age, money that while other kids would spend on lets say iPhones, I would spend on betting.
2 years of betting on B365 passed, and no problems, every couple of months they would ring me, suspend my account for about a day, and then unsuspend it to make sure I'm "comfortable" with my gambling, to which everytime I passed with flying colours.
However, this year, I had increased my stakes, so to put it into context, I started betting 100 euroes per bet, that went up to 1000 euroes over the course of 2 years.
I rarely had over 8k in my balance (i.e if I would deposit 3k, the highest I ever got was to 8k) and I rarely cashed out my profits, other then the occasional takeaway or food shopping bill that I used my card for (that I was given by them)
Anyway, all in all, I was the PERFECT customer for B365, I lost over 26000 euroes over the course of 3 years, and in total I had gambling activities of over 1 million (bets placed NOT DEPOSIT)
A few months ago, after a period of increased activity (normally I would deposit 4000 euroes every 4 months and that would either last me one week or one month depending on how retarded I was) then in between I would deposit maybe 50/100
I bet over 2 months 10000, and I had lost it.
Anyway, they contacted me asking for proof of income, and after much research online, I saw that there was hardly any mentions of people who WERE LOSING A LOT OF MONEY having to provide proof of income.
Being a bit annoyed, at the fact that rather then accepting free money B365 are accusing me of money laundering or something else, I did indeed submit my bank statements then afterwards, they have been asking for more and more documents.
Now these bank statements that I have provided show that my overall accounts have more then 40000 euroes in them, and I regularly get income from work and other family activity, yet they keep asking for more and more information/history under the pretence of "safe and responsible gambling"
It doesn't take an idiot to work out that there are 2 things at play here:
1) They are looking for responsible gambling, to which, I have proved it with my bank statements showing that even with all these looses, I am comfortably living my life
2) They are looking for money laundering - to which I would think I'm the worst money launder in the history of money laundering if my losses are SO HUGE.
So right now, I'm having to bet on other sites, and frankly I'm very annoyed at how they have acted, because I don't arb, I don't match bet, and I have recommended B365 to everyone I know yet I find myself under scrutiny for enjoying a hobby within my financial limits.
Just a word of warning for those who do bet/stake a lot on B365, that even if you are a good customer for them, a profitable one, they might come after you.
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It's important news.

It's important news.
It's important news. The largest operator of sports betting stops servicing users in the Russian Federation. Today Betfair betting exchange has made an official mailing list about the lack of possibility to register users in Russia. The world market share in the Russian Federation in the game industry is 5.127%. Si14 Bet is in the process of applying for membership in SRO and obtaining the necessary licenses. Follow our news and stay up to date with the latest events in the world of gambling. #si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #bookies #bettingexchange #livebetting #oods #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #onlinesport #casino #gambling #investment #sportsbetting #million #luxurylife #bet #bettingsports #cash #sport #betting #bet #onlinebetting #bettingonline #bettingfootball #burnmagazine #ieo #investing #money #burnmagazine #luxury #everydayeverywhere #golang #ico #bitcoin #bettingonline #bettingfootball #bettingtip
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Partnership with

Partnership with
Partnership with Si14Bet has passed an investment project incubator and is currently discussing a deal with and listing on the Bitcoin Exchange. Scheduled dates for the IEO have not yet been set. The eco-systems of and Si14Bet platforms correspond to a mutually beneficial collaboration between the platforms. The main conditions of for the allocation of investments were the introduction of BCH in the system of replenishment of Si14 exchange users. Keep up to date with the latest news about our company. #si14 #betfair #bettingsports #onlinebetting #bet365 #bookmakers #bookies #soccerbetting #si14_bet #bettors #coinmarketcap #bookmaker #bestservice #investment #investing #gambling #bettingexchange #betting #si14bet #casino #sportbookies #bettingtip #bettingonline #livebetting #bettingfootball #oods
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General Discussion/Questions Biweekly 4/8 - 4/22

Before posting a basic question, check out: If your answer is not there, post away and we'll help!
| Sportsbook Review Weekly | Models and Statistics Weekly | General Discussion/Questions Biweekly | Props/Futures Weekly | Podcasts Weekly | Combat Sports Weekly |
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Betting Sites › Best Online Betting Sites in India (Feb 2020)

Internet wagering is at present legitimate in practically all over India. These wagering destinations offer an assortment of sports to draw in players of India to exploit a few extraordinary offers and great returns. Wagering is progressively respected in India. With an ever increasing number of internet wagering destinations hoping to take advantage of the gainful Indian market, it very well may be trying to pick between them. We should investigate how to locate the best wagering destinations.
Betway is one of the most well known destinations. Betway is offering a thorough and monstrous scope of sports and markets. Additionally, their advancements and prizes for existing client continue moving week to week. They don't stop here. Betway incorporates probably the most exciting gambling club games, and they offer top quality rewards and store strategies which suits you.
The guts site is reasonable for live wagering. Guts begin working in 2013, and it was at first planned towards gambling club and gaming. In any case, inside a year they propelled their online sportsbook for clients. Guts sportsbook was fundamentally about football. Yet, presently they are offering a lot of significant games like football, tennis and cricket. You can guarantee their welcome reward by experiencing the prize area, and you can likewise recover your cash a sportsbook reward.
Ladbrokes is one of the notable high road name from British wagering history. They began their tasks in 18 century and their organizer Harry Ogden is perceived at the UK's first expert bookmaker. They began their web based wagering in 2000. You can get extraordinary North America sports inclusion alongside everything from Aussies Rules to Chess, Golf, MMA, Volleyball and pretty much everything in the middle of, just as pony dashing.
Moplay is an online bookmaker which is concentrating on the portable parts of betting. Moplay started working in 2018. Pre-organize markets were in abundance additionally in examining around at different games like football, tennis and cricket. They do offer moment money out on sure decisions.
Boylesports is one of the solid free bookmaker brand subsidized in 1989 in Ireland. They have a major web business just as web based wagering administration. The edge is to some degree higher on soccer, around 6% yet the rest of the sportsbook is trading with a great deal of lower betting edge, particularly tennis which is essentially roughly 3.1%.
Sportingbet started working in 1998. They have presented their administrations across 26 nations around the world. Sportingbet is clear in working since they are offering straight forward wagering administration for their clients.
It is an online bookmaker that underpins client showcase from India. This bookmaker permits secure route framework for better client experience for its clients. This site is an enrolled one, so it is ok for bettors to play their chances helpfully. They offer an assortment of choices like live wagering, club games betting and chances wagering. In any case, the new clients are given with 100% reward on making their first store.
8-William Hill
It is a notable brand far and wide. William slope was established in 1934. They have a fabulous inclusion of live football matches and different games. Their bet slip is splendid as well, allowing you full usefulness in controlling your wagering alternatives. You can make installment and withdrawal through various techniques.
Betvictor began its capacities during the 1940s. Through quality organizations, they have grown an enormous nearness in the online business. Betvictor isn't constrained to sports wagering, and they are likewise running some non-sports markets. They have entirely broad sportsbook which incorporates rugby, snooker, volleyball, cricket and darts.
22bet was set up in2017. Their sportsbook is an incredible fascination towards clients. Football, cricket, golf and tennis are the principle zones to take a gander at. 22bet is exceptionally liberal when discussing welcome rewards. Their clients must be 18+ to enroll themselves.
11-Paddy Power
Paddy Power is one of the most famous brands which is perceived all around the globe. They began their administrations in 1988 when three Irish bookmakers met up. There is a gigantic mean acknowledge in the Paddy Power sportsbook.
Unibet is one of the well known brands in Europe and India. It was established in 1997. Their sportsbook spread tennis, football, b-ball just as chess, futsal, floor ball, bandy and surfing. They likewise offer a cash back reward for new clients. They offer a gigantic scope of wagering markets.
Unibet is probably the most seasoned game bookmaker around the world, set up in 1997, serving a large number of web based wagering account holders. It is notable all over Europe for its superb games wagering, online gambling club and poker stages.
Betfred is a British bookmaker. They offer their administrations for India also. Betting power licenses them. The Betfred Empire starts working in 1967. They are offering a noteworthy edge on football wagering. You can either utilize their versatile application or site to make the most of their administrations.
It is an European based wagering stage which acknowledges the clients of India also. It is one of the perceived brands in odd markets. They are covering numerous games like rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, horse dashing golf, boxing cycling and numerous others. You can make the most of their liberal invite offers.
When discussing Indian bookmakers, Coral is among the primary names you can consider. Coral was established during the 1920s, and it is one of the most well known brands when talking about excellent items and offers. They show top European nearby soccer with stunning highlights. Numerous different games have been presented, including football classes.
16-Royal Panda
Illustrious Panda is a worldwide stage which is offering their administrations all around India. They are advancing on the web gambling clubs, not the sportsbook. You can utilize their versatile application and site to make the most of their inventive rewards. It is one of the strictest betting locales. They are offering a wide scope of wagering markets. They are covering circuitous 40 games and a lot of classes.
Smarkets is an online stage which was established by a little gathering of speculator. They are acclaimed for their propelled exchanging stage and 25th quickest developed organization in Europe. Smarkets is exceptionally simple to utilize. They are sans offering wagers for their new clients and welcome rewards. Their essential center is noteworthy games like football tennis, golf, baseball and cricket.
It gives a gigantic portable wagering experience. Leovegas assumes an indispensable job in Indian wagering site. As we enter the landing page of Leovegas India, the primary thing we see slider is a slider in the focal point of the screen, publicizing for the most well known games and advancements here on Leovegas. Leovegas offers a clean and userfriendly stage.
As an ever increasing number of wagering locales are beginning to focus on the imperative Indian market, it is turning into somewhat hard for players to choose which spot is most appropriate for them. One of the most common issues is by all accounts how to get to these sites
Bet365 is celebrated for being one of the greatest and best-wagering locales on the planet. Be that as it may, what makes Bet365 great? That response to this inquiry is that Bet365 has taken the internet wagering industry to an uncommon new level. They give the best betting involvement with all territories. They have the most gigantic assortment of gambling club games and sports wagering. They offer the best portable wagering experience, the best reward on wagering and simply the most amazing live betting experience generally.
Be that as it may, the point which makes Bet365 the world's greatest wagering site is the notoriety for unwavering quality that they have worked for themselves in years. Bet365 is a wagering site you can trust. They generally pay what they owe, and they put incredible significance on their notoriety is the thing that makes Bet365 a genuinely extraordinary bookmaker. is a worldwide games wagering organization that was established by individuals with an energy for sports. When you enter the site of, you get the inclination that this whole site is committed to sports wagering. It doesn't have the equivalent lavish impression that you jump on an old wagering site like Unibet or Betway. It's more Spartan and old school.
Then again, this isn't really an awful thing. They don't attempt to push ads or advancements at all of you an opportunity to achieve client's consideration. It's an entirely reliable spot for individuals who simply need to put down wagers and not need to stress over something over the top.
Bodog is an old wagering bookmaker really among the most seasoned on the planet which has as of late opened up and began tolerating Indians players.
They have set up the procedure of the wagering site principally to serve bettors from India, where they endeavor an assortment of live cricket wagering alternatives, give helpful choices of storing cash and permit Indian money.
On the off chance that you appreciate sports wagering and club games or poker sitting, at that point you will in all likelihood appreciate Bodog India.
Bodog begins from Europe, yet it has an Indian site that is customized to suit the flavor of Indian players. Consequently it is of nothing unexpected to discover that the Bodog India Sports wagering is wealthy in cricket wagering.
The sportsbook incorporates all the noteworthy universal cricket competitions and arrangement, just as the well known classes like the Indian Premier League and the huge slam group Australia.
1XBET Bookmaker is a youthful and quickly developing wagering site. Established in 2007, earlier it worked distinctly in the region, with more than 1,000 wagering bookmakers in Russia, and later started the experience in the online market. 1XBET is viewed as the main global bookmaker, in India the genuine speculators know it for quite a while in light of the fact that he underpins Indian rupee (INR) and has a Hindi language Version.
1XBET is mainstream for Indian expert punters, yet before long will be known in each edge of India, for the straightforward reasons that its installments segment is adjustable. So you can pick INDIA (from the rundown of nations) and see the techniques for stores and pulls back are accessible, obviously, don't missing Neteller and skrill all simple and clear.
On the off chance that you are searching for a bookmaker that gives the best chances on the most famous games, the Betwinner might be the wagering site you are searching for.
Wager victor is a moderately new wagering site, however they have just become famous as the spot to be with regards to finding the best chances.
Wager victor is a moderately ongoing theorist that start its tasks in 2016 in the wake of accomplishing an administration permit from (Curaçao eGaming) for working on the web. fabricated this site, and it is a similar program that is adding to 1xBET (acclaimed administrator of Russia) since 2007.
Regardless of whether it is their online club activity or their games extend, COMEON India perseveres freely from others, through their broad inclusion and activities. They spread 29 classes of sports and offer a few other elective markets. This sportsbook underpins practically all standard installment designs and gives an incredible reward to new clients.
When you join as a part, you get an invite reward, and you can pick the alternative for the prize that you like. You can store cash once you sign in to your record by essentially tapping on the decision of store. ComeOn India offers the accompanying choices to store your cash
Visa Card
Paysafe Card
MuchBetter and the sky is the limit from there
This is something we appreciate prescribe when you are simply beginning on another game. Start by playing for no particular reason, and once you've seen that you can bring in cash at this game, at that point toss in some genuine and unique rupees.
Genuine wagering is a zenith with brilliant highlights and extraordinary advancements
At Pinnacle, we know about definitely what Indian players search for in an amazing on the web gambling club. That is the reason we've accumulated a breathtaking mix of the most reliable online gambling club clubs around. Additionally, determinations of incredible table games don't stop there and make your life agreeable and simple we likewise offer a colossal assortment of store strategies for Indians gambling club players.
Our consideration is currently redirected to the focal point of the screen where we see an advancement slider. It is where Unibet features all the present advancements that they are running. They are very brave advancements going on, which we will investigate later. One thing we notice is that all the costs are named in euros.
Beside the live wagering segment, we notice a catch named "supertoto'", and we choose to look at it. It ends up being another uncommon capacity, which is truly remarkable when contrasted with Unibet. Supertoto is a basic method to put down a wager on sports. The objective is to wagered on the result of whatever number matches as could be expected under the circumstances. You can wager on a success, lose or draw.
Matchbook offers a total sportsbook with in excess of 40 distinct games classifications to bet on, including cricket, football, tennis, horse dashing and practically all the famous games, just as e-sports, expert wrestling and different less normal games. You have a decision of live wagering on each live match that is occurring right now, and numerous competitions can even be live-spilled with liberated from cost office. The main standard is that you include put down a wager inside the most recent 24 hours. That gives you full access to the live spilling capacity.
Betfair is one of the world's biggest global online games wagering specialist co-ops. Betfair has more than 2,000 utilizes around the world. Betfair holds betting permit in Malta, Gibraltar Italy, Tasmania and the United States. Betfair is promising in conveying exclusive expectations of respectability and has ensured more than 40 Memoranda of Understanding with the administering groups of sports.
Betfair is the most significant wagering bookmaker on the planet, offering a wide scope of wagering items including exotics wagering markets and extraordinary games, huge poker networks, arcade games and a gambling club.
Something that make Dafabet one of a kind is that they were made to serve the Asian market. All things considered, we can see that they are doing a great deal to interest Asian players, and particularly Indian players. For instance, we realize that they acknowledge Indian cash stores. They additionally offer loads of well known Indian games, for example, cricket, tennis and kabaddi. As an Indian player, it is pleasant to feel like you are esteemed as a client. There is likewise a lot of European games and well known Asian games and gambling club games accessible.
It is an energizing and one of a kind internet betting webpage having a place with the European island naming Malta. The site is special it might be said that it depends on a superhuman topic which is an uncommon thing we have seen on some other wagering site previously. This current bookmaker's appeal is a hero naming Captain Rizk, and his topic can be discovered everywhere throughout the site.
32-Meridian BET
Meridian Bet is a main worldwide supplier of on the web and land-based games wagering arrangements with 700+ wagering shops in 35 nations around four landmasses? Their most noteworthy accomplishment is the steady income development pace of 20% over the most recent three years. They likewise offer an every minute of every day client assistance by means of live talk, telephone, email or informal community.
Inside an incredibly solemn methodology towards security and visitor administration, SBOBET is a main web based gaming brand. They have won the Asian Operator of the year grant for 2009-10. SBOBET offers you a quick and secure player condition with prompt winning outcomes, fast installments and simple access to nonstop web based wagering.
This webpage is among the world's biggest online poker rooms and sports wagering destinations offering phenomenal chances to its players. Its immense number of enlisted genuine cash players has surpassed 3,000,000. This site gives dependable gaming instruments to make poker protected and a good time for the players.
This site is known to be the highest quality level in internet gaming. It offers on the web and via telephone wagers for open parlays. Owning the business for over 15 years adds to unwavering quality. This site gives the player's cashback rewards, diminished juice wagers, free play remunerates and significantly more.
Situated in Georgia, this organization is the main site in the nation. Players can play gambling club games on the web or entertain themselves with sports wagering at this bookmaker website.
Planetwin365 is Europe's quickest developing wagering and gaming administrators. This site is working with a large number of subsidiary accomplices over the world. More than one million wagers are handled day by day, and it additionally supplies in excess of 1300 retail outlets. The brand planetwin 365 is claimed by the SKS365 gathering of organizations which holds online licenses alongside land-based licenses from seven nations in Europe.
38-Red Sport
Red game is a worldwide games betting organization. It started to include in sports sponsorship in 2010. This organization is among the first non-US online games wagering organizations working in the United States. It is additionally an individual from ESSA, which is the European wagering uprightness body.
39-Cloud wager
Cloud wager directs the wagering business through a chain of authorized shops that are situated in Ireland and the UK. It offers online games wagering, online club and poker, online bingo and numerous other web based games.
Once in the past known as Party Bets, is presently possessed by one of the biggest poker locales on the net, Party Poker. Authorized from both Gibraltar and UK, the site offers a wide scope of sports and great client care. To stall out in, the site gives a broad scope of games. Customers are very much provided food for, and every single significant game occasions are secured. Football is the most mainstream and secured sport by a wide margin, as the site is an European confronting bookmaker.
Sportspesa, a games news innovation, was established in 2014, offering web based games and lotteries. It is a games news innovation with around 500 workers and has put resources into the advancement of the nearby games groups and competitions in Tanzania and Kenya. It works in relationship with TGP in the UK.
Claimed by Logflex MT constrained, is a completely enlisted web based betting site. Playing with Novibet isn't simply fun however is sheltered and secure on the grounds that it holds licenses from MGA, which make the site obliged to keep all customers assets in trust accounts. The site offers a dependable gaming strategy and is focused on limiting the unfavorable impacts of issue betting and is resolved to advance positive betting practices.
Offering different sorts of bettings on numerous games from over the world, BETPAWA is the most present day and quick wagering site in Zambia. This site is a creative bookmaker that offers the most reduced value wagers. It leads a wide assortment of pre-coordinate and in-play wagers on football alongside different games like b-ball, tennis and so on. You can choose from an immense scope of wagers on the site and can likewise decide on live wagering.
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45-Sky BET
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46-Bet SAFE
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48-Mozzart BET
Since 2000, Mozzart has been a specific piece of the gaming business. This organization offers around 10,000 chances day by day for around 500 games. As of late, Mozzart has led its ground activity with more than 900 retailer shops and has seen a high development rate in its online administrations. One ought to be over 18 to wager on the site BCLB has given the permit to the site. Live wagering on games is offered including football, ball, tennis and other critical occasions. You can observe live spilling of your preferred round and put down online wagers.
49-Boyle SPORT
Ireland biggest and free bookmaker is known as BoyleSports. They contribute in the online space by adding the top of the line applications to the google play store which offer web based wagering, club, gaming, wagering and lottery administrations. By 2004, they had 77 shops, and in 2006 they opened their 100th store.
In 2019, BetChris declared to enter the United Kingdom retail advertise with the popular bookmaker Gilbert. The organization's activity was extended in Northern Ireland which made the nation Ireland's biggest retail bookmaker.
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Bovada's UI has really been a dissapointment. From not being able to use the mobile app to no search bar, etc. They have stated they will be making changes, but have yet to see any.
What sportbooks do you enjoy using and have had success with?
Does anybody use Bookmaker??
Please discuss below - Much appreciated!!
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Betting site

Hey folks, I am from Costa Rica. I wanted to know what are good sites to bet? I have heard about Nitro and Betway, but I don't know if they work with LatAm.

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Como ganhar dinheiro em 2020?

Como ganhar dinheiro em 2020?
Com certeza absoluta muita dedicação e serviço é algo fundamental, porém se eu tivesse que apostar em algum ramo ou algo do tipo continuaria exercendo o que faço hoje, trabalho com revenda de produtos digitais, Softwares, e-books, cursos, e uma variedade de outros produtos que você pode vender online.
Há uns dois anos atrás esse era um tipo de trabalho no qual ninguém acreditava, imagine então a 9 anos quando eu iniciei, as pessoas chegavam a rir quando se falava em ganhar dinheiro na internet, porém hoje Vejam Só, praticamente todas as pessoas já conhecem alguém que trabalha na internet e ganha dinheiro com isso e fazem disso a sua fonte de renda principal, até mesmo empresas vem abandonando os seus escritórios e levando os seus trabalhos para as casas de seus funcionários, creio que a tendência a cada dia seja mais direcionada a isso, e daqui a alguns anos grande parte da população Terá algum trabalho na internet que seja um trabalho extra ou não.
Um pouco sobre o que eu faço
Um dos softwares que vendo na internet se chama PCG programa classificados grátis Esse software é uma agregador de sites de classificados grátis ou seja cadastrado no programa Tem mais de 200 sites de classificados grátis onde as pessoas podem anunciar produtos e serviços, se trata de um software de publicidade O que é muito fácil de se vender na internet, ao registrar o software você ganha a possibilidade de revendê-lo e os proprietários do mesmo pagam a você 50% de comissão por cada venda que fizer, se você parar de fazer simples análises vai perceber que nem qualquer pessoa paga 50% de comissão por aí, levando em conta que você não terá nenhum custo referente à entrega de produto, custos com produção e outros quaisquer.
GRANDE VANTAGEM DESSE TIPO DE TRABALHO: a grande vantagem que vejo em realizar esse tipo de trabalho além do já citado é que não teria custo algum a não ser o meu tempo com a divulgação que irei fazer, toda a entrega e gerenciamento é feito por parte dos desenvolvedores Então o que me sobra é Apenas divulgar e receber as minhas comissões logicamente, sem ter nenhum trabalho com Os compradores Ou nem mesmo fazer atendimento pois tudo é feito diretamente no site pelos desenvolvedores, por ter um painel de controle online tenho acesso a tudo, pessoas que visitaram o meu linK, pessoas que fizeram o pedido na minha página, manuais, e se você ainda quer garantir mais as suas vendas sempre que fizer um anúncio na internet pode deixar o seu contato assim Os compradores vão entrar diretamente em contato com você.

Você também pode fazer o Mesmo
O sistema que citei acima é apenas um de muitos que existem na internet, Existe uma grande diversidade de sistemas de revenda onde você pode estar se cadastrando e participando, e sinceramente a meu ponto de vista para você ganhar dinheiro com esses temas Basta fazer uma simples análise e verificar se você acha que esse produto é “vendivel” ou não, se você acha que sim basta iniciar suas divulgações e logo vai ver os resultados aparecerem.
Não faça como muitas pessoas apenas se cadastre em um sistema achando que vão ganhar dinheiro da noite para o dia de forma mágica pois isso não existe, posso afirmar com toda a certeza que essa é uma forma mais fácil de se trabalhar pois você faz os seus horários e não tem muito trabalho com gerenciamento de estoque ou outros, porém, com toda a certeza posso afirmar também que exige muita dedicação e esforço mas ao final não vai se arrepender.
Posso até mesmo citar outro sistema semelhante, conhecido como Promotion Site Existe um software utilizado também para fazer marketing que tem o mesmo sistema de revenda onde após adquirir o software você pode participar da revenda, Se não me engano a comissão atual que eles pagam por cada revenda que você fizer é de R$40,00 Não pense que isso é pouco, tenha em mente que você não está gastando nada com isso apenas o seu tempo divulgando o software, e pense também que você pode fazer várias vendas por dia com o passar do tempo e suas divulgações feitas.
No final de tudo se tiver dedicação você vai ter sucesso com certeza e para o ano que vem com certeza esse tipo de trabalho vai estar ainda mais em Foco assim como nos anos seguintes, e faço uma aposta nos sistemas que indiquei Pois a cada dia mais as pessoas vão precisar de divulgar coisas na internet e com isso esses softwares vão vender como água. “em meu ponto de vista”.
Enfim, de coração espero ter ajudado com a minha resposta e que você possa tirar algum proveito da mesma caso pretendem iniciar um trabalho na internet ou não, ficaria muito grato se recebeste um voto positivo de sua parte pela resposta dada “e também de você que está lendo” , fico muito grato, desejo excelentes negócios e um próspero futuro….
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General Discussion/Questions Weekly 11/13 - 11/19

Before posting a basic question, check out: If your answer is not there, post away and we'll help!
Previous weeks:
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Betting on Raps to win Eastern Conference

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that my sportsbook currently has the Raptors odds of winning the East (regular season) at 9/1.. This means betting $100 would return $1000 etc, if you are interested. I placed my bet in back in October but honestly this still seems like a good bet for those of you who still want in.
I definitely do not condone betting and please only bet money you can afford to lose!
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Fanobet or bet365

What one is better for real money betting what websites let you deposit via paypal?
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FYI BetOnline now accepts Litecoin deposits

For those in the know about various cryptocurrencies, this might become a growing trend for online books, and a welcomed one.
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Up 1 btc and nitro will not let my dad withdraw

I have been teaching my dad bitcoin the last 2 weeks well he is up 1 coin right now and nitro has locked all withdrawls, because hw called me to come ober and help him withdraw. I helped him set up 2FA, and now they have taken his coins hostage? Yet he can still gamble with them???? How shady is that. Oh you earned your coins and risked all your money to win 4k then say sorry you cannkt withdraw because i logged in from my phone while he was still logged in on his phone to test 2FA.
I used to love nitrogen but it is getting really shady, my advice if you are new and attempting to play at nitrogen try, or bet365, because if you win they will decide to hold your acct hostage... my brother referred him and I, qhat is the sence in affiliate links if u cannot refer friends and family...
Very unsatisfied, they make you submit a ticket and wait 72 hours just to receive your funds.
I simply was helping him make sure everything was set up correctly and teaching him how and where to withdraw.... Answer your tickets fix this immediately!!!!!!
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10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game - YouTube Isso ninguém te mostra  bet365 (cobrança de Falta ... Deposit money to bet365 account without using debit or credit card(bitcoin method) FIM DE UMA ERA - BET365 - PABLO FARIAS Don't Bet on Bet365 Financials Before You Watch This - Bet365 Financial Betting

Bitcoin kann aus mehreren Gründen die perfekte Lösung für Bet365 Online-Casino sein. Ein großer Vorteil bei der Verwendung von Bitcoin oder anderen etablierten Kryptowährungen ist die vollständige Anonymität. Da Bitcoin nicht von einer Zentralbank reguliert wird, ist Bet365 Bitcoin anonym und die Kunden sind nicht verpflichtet, bei der Eröffnung eines Bet365 Kontos oder bei ... Bitcoin Casinos; Spielautomaten Casinos; Echtgeld Casino; Deutsche Casinos; Beste Online Casinos; bet365 Erfahrungen. Die unten aufgeführten Details sind die Erfahrungen des Autors, vom 17/01/20, und speziell dem deutschen Markt zuzuschreiben. Des Weiteren sind Änderungen vorbehalten. bet365 gilt inzwischen als bedeutendster Sportwettenanbieter weltweit und stellt eines der größten ... Bet365 Bitcoin Games. One of the site’s features is its large selection of sports matches for players to bet on. There are odds available for the hottest sports across the world. Expect to find odds for football, basketball, baseball, rugby, and more. You’ll even find odds for squash, trotting, greyhound races, formula 1 and futsal matches to name a few. Bet365 also have bets for different ... Bet365 Bitcoin. Did you know it’s possible to deposit to your bet365 account using Bitcoin? although bet365 don’t directly accept Bitcoin deposits it’s entirely possible to send money from your Bitcoin wallet to your bet365 wallet.. First of all you should be aware deposit times with bitcoin can be slower then traditional deposit methods, this is due to the fact that sites require ... One of the world's leading online gambling companies. The most comprehensive In-Play service. Deposit Bonus for New Customers. Watch Live Sport. We stream over 100,000 events. Bet on Sportsbook and Casino.

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10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game - YouTube

Bet365 के लिए Neteller से पैसा जमा! - Depostiting money from Neteller to Bet365. are you looking bet365 alternative betting site? Sportsbet io trusted bitcoin support like bet365. world largest bitcoin ltc usdt eth ... 🔴Grupo - 🔴Entre para o time - 🔴 Entre para o Time - 👕Merch: 🐦Follow me on Twitter/Instagram for Latest: 📸 Before we get into the particulars of betting on Bet365 Financials, it should be noted that the first step in placing these kinds of bets is getting a Bet365 account. New signups will qualify for ...